EZY-SQUEEZE #100 440ml
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Material for Face-plate: acrylic with epoxy resin surface

For dispenser box: ABS

For liquid cartridge: PP with d2w biodegradable additive

Color & Design: can be customized

Capacity: 440ml

Size: 300mm*96mm*75mm

Installation: wall mounted by 3M VHB tape or by screws

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Single-hand operation

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Why non-refillable dispenser?

1. Dispensers that are refilled in a non-sanitized space are at high risks for bacterial cross-contamination.

2. Storage drums for lotions and liquid soaps exposed to improper use can become a source of contamination.

3. Dispensers refilled directly with product can become bacteria "hot-zones" long-term bacteria growth can become immune to the use of preservatives.

4. Many manufacturers double the chemical preservatives used in beauty products to reduce bacteria growth. Excess additives are more damaging to skin than products with a minimum standard of added preservatives.

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